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this was very relaxing to look at

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after all this time I’m still into you

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So, I’ve been struggling with this contest that my uncle pushed me to enter. At first, I was having a really hard time with the idea of what I wanted to film for it. He gave suggestions and I was just going to do what he thought was best because I didn’t want to embarrass myself. Then, I decided “fuck it, I’m going to do what I want to do” and I did. I went and filmed something that came out not exactly how I wanted but it was still good. I thought of lots of ideas, including using my friend’s music in it to make it stand out. Then I read the rules for the contest (I know I should have read them before but I just didn’t think there would be such strict requirements) , and discovered most of the content in my short film was breaking the rules. We tried re-editing but there was still so much that wasn’t fitting. It just didn’t and doesn’t feel right.

So, just a little bit ago I decided to make something new tomorrow. Finals are next week and I have plenty of other things to do yet I’m putting so much into this. But my new idea is much better than any of the ones I had before. And I’m pumped to create something that is very true to me. This has been a huge learning experience. And I just know I’ll be really proud of myself once I’m done with it all (and even more so if I am a finalist…it includes such a huge prize that I can’t wrap my head around).

Did I mention the film is due Friday? 

So yeah, crunch time.

I think I’m ready.



the starry sky on the himalayas


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fashion-runways: KRIKOR JABOTIAN Akhtamar Collection 2014

a v important collection

Capes are in!

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Audrey Hepburn with ballet coach Lucien Legrand, the first dancer and choreographer for the Paris Opera Ballet, at a dance rehearsal for her film Funny Face, Paris, France, 1956.

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Some of Ellen’s favorite tweets of the week. [video]

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